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4 important Digital Media channels you should know about

The world is rapidly becoming Digital. Readily available electronic content is the new normal for people these days. Companies and the world started to recognize the significance of digital marketing.

Advertisers often fall into a distressing dilemma while choosing an appropriate medium for their business. With the unfolding new media and new practices every day, it is really essential to make the right digital choices to improve the chances of visibility.
88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Take a look at the most overlooked Digital Media channels that every business needs to consider while determining which ad platforms to use.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is everybody’s best friend. A day without social media is a day wasted, millennials say. I bet you would agree too!

Social Media encourages people to share opinions, join in discussions and connect with others in real time. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to promote/ advertise your business and interact with your customers. Every digital marketing tool is distinctive and serves its own purpose. Having said that, it is important to identify and work on your company’s goals and your prospective audience accordingly, to obtain excellent results.

Not every user who sees your ad will likely be interested in your product and this could be a real challenge. So, businesses need to be extremely creative to figure out ways and grab the attention of their targeted audience. Businesses need to maintain continuous communication with their prospects to understand them better.
Social Media Platforms include – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few of the main ones.

Video Marketing:

Video and Marketing go together like mac and cheese.

From traditional television advertisements to today’s Snapchat, Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram Reels, it’s no wonder that videos have become an essential part of the marketing world.

Videos are a convenient, versatile and shareable medium that help businesses maximize engagement. In fact, studies show that videos are 600% more effective than print and direct marketing.

Businesses can easily convey their goals and objectives in an interesting way, with a captivating narration in a less time. Placing videos on your website and on landing pages boosts your customer’s engagement-time, enhancing the chance of making a purchase.

Make sure your video does not exceed 60 Seconds. Because that’s how short your customer’s attention span is. Currently, for some Social platforms, it’s as short as 10 seconds!!

Videos are truly the future of marketing!

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is yet another important marketing practice that businesses must include in their marketing strategy. Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing content to target audiences. Content that is relevant, consistent and fresh improves the chances for a customer/prospect to take an action.

The crucial part here is Relevance and Quality. This is what sets the business apart from traditional ‘spammy’ advertisements. The content must be consumable, irrespective of the digital media channel.

No matter how attractive your creative i.e. the images, gifs, webpage, carousel, etc. is, without quality content, the message will not be conveyed to your consumer. So a balance of visuals and content is necessary.

Some content marketing examples include: blog posts, videos, ebooks, podcasts, infographics, and so on.
For example, Amul is best known for its creative ad practices. Take a look at these ads for instance.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing has been around a long time, however, not many businesses really think it is the right choice for them. 
Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing where a person/business, partners with another person/business to operate on a commission basis.

For example, you produce shampoos and you partner firm produces hair conditioner. By placing affiliate links on your partner’s website improves your business’s brand awareness while potentially boosting your web traffic and sales.

According to recent studies, 81% of brands rely on affiliate links because they involve very little investment.

Affiliate Marketing is the quickest, easiest and one of the most inexpensive ways to create impressive revenue streams online. It enables your business to have an increased awareness and reach out to a potentially global audience.

Some tips:

A business blog is a winning addition to your website.
Invest in paid Social media advertising.
Include creatives on your digital platforms.
Stay updated on current trends, as audience’s preferences shift.
Try new marketing techniques!!

Digital Marketing allows you to promote your business to large, potentially global audiences. The use of the digital space in the 21st century is not only the biggest advantage, but is an essential too!

Choosing the one digital medium seems a tough decision, especially, if you do not know what you really want for your business. Talk to our experts at Cassixcom for professional guidance!
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