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Ad pop-ups you need to know while planning an ad campaign

Imagine you’re compulsively running through an e-magazine, blog or of web search and then a display ad appears on your screen. How would you feel? You would get annoyed, right? But, it surely gets registered in your memory.

Brands consider Pop-up advertising as the strongest marketing strategy to get noticed by their target audience. Agree or not, pop-ups are making a comeback. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats!

• On average, only 0.25% of new visitors will make a purchase. However, when they are motivated to visit again, the chances of making a sale increases by 9 times.
• Businesses who use exit-intent pop-ups are likely to experience an increase in sign-ups by 600%
• Of the people who exit your website without engaging, 75% are expected to bounce back to make a purchase

Now that you understand why Pop-up Ads are important to your business, here are some different types of pop-ups you can use to create a distinctive image of your brand across the internet.

Types of Ad pop-ups

1. Timed pop-up

Timed pop-ups are time-specific ads that disappear after the designated time.
For example, pop-ups can show 1 minute after a visitor visits your web page. It's the most practised pop-up on a specific web/landing page or across your website.

2. Welcome mat pop-ups

Welcome mat pop-ups cover the entire screen irrespective of the device, ensuring that your ad placement fully captures the visitor's attention. But, make sure you don’t interrupt the user experience. Place them subtly on special occasions and test to see how your audience reacts.

3. Hello-bar Pop-ups

Hello-bar Pop-ups are considered the least interruptive amongst others. Usually, these Pop-ups appear at the extreme top or bottom of your webpage. They work well for both site-wide announcements and newsletter subscriptions.

4. Scroll-triggered Pop-ups

Scroll-triggered pop-ups appear when a user scrolls down at a certain depth on a webpage. They are mostly used on blog posts as they appear only when the reader has read most of the content or at least the reader completes 70% of the blog. The Scroll-triggered pop-ups usually work well as they don’t interrupt the reader’s flow and they’re more likely to interact with it.

5. Exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups appear only when a visitor is about to exit a webpage. They are designed in a way that when the user’s mouse cursor reaches the top of the page, indicating that they’re about to leave, the ad pops-up. Pretty cool right?

To sum up

From remembrance comes credibility.
The online space has become extremely competitive these days. Businesses are overwhelmed with the ever-changing marketing dynamics – new algorithms, new marketing platforms and so on. In a seemingly endless sea of complicated options, Ad pop-ups can do wonders if implemented properly.
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