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Why Brand Voice Matters!

No Matter how good your product is, you must get it to the eyeballs of your target audience and then into the hands of your potential customers. And how do you do that? With the right communication, of course! 

Right communication builds a brand, and it can be achieved by settling on the right Brand Voice.


What is Brand Voice? 

Brand Voice is the language brands use to communicate their message. It affects how your business is perceived and shapes customer opinions and fosters engagement.

Brand Voice is a definitive style of writing where you must use selective words to communicate and steer clear of certain words that do not represent your brand’s values and pillars.


How to define my Brand Voice?

Have you ever wondered how some brands market themselves so well? Let me explain.

Want to order food? I’m sure Swiggy and Zomato are the brands that probably pop up in your mind.

Why do brands like Puma, United Colors of Benetton, Adidas, Nike stand out besides plenty of brand choices that offer the same products at much cheaper prices?

Ever wondered how a coffee brand like Starbucks could do so well in the market despite being hyped-up?  




This is how the BRANDING magic works! 

Imagine the level of consistency these brands had invested - their market presence and personality are immediately recognized by their Voice and Tone. 

Brand Voice is a stepping stone that shows people what you’re capable of. 


What if... there’s no Brand Voice?

You probably wouldn’t have had the privilege to enjoy great food, amidst the pandemic without Swiggy - you would miss out on great electronic sales if Flipkart’s communication was mediocre.

Brand Voice really, really matters!

Not convinced yet? Well, keep reading to find out!


Why discover a Voice for my brand?


  1. It reflects your Brand’s Persona


Brand Voice is a company’s personality - Just like you remember people based on the way they talk, how they make you feel by the words they use and the tone of their voice.  

Brand Voice is all about how you want to be seen by your potential audience. Brand Voice reflects on the core values of your business - the qualities your brand possesses. Here’s the “HOW” part of the question - Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you Quirky? 

Are you Honest?

Are you Hip? 

Are you Authoritative? 

Are you Professional?

Match your values with the tone of voice to bring your brand to life. 

A memorable brand voice doesn’t have to roast people like Arnab Goswami or show off their vocab skills like Shashi Tharoor. It just needs to get your message conveyed, subtly vocalizing that your brand is worth interacting with.

Prepare a glossary that you want to use more or avoid in your brand communication

PS. Don’t overuse it or you’ll look out of touch.




2.  It creates consistency across your digital channels

Using a consistent Brand voice is very important especially while you’re starting out.

A consistent Voice across all your communication channels creates a polished and professional image. Your audience will engage with your brand if they like what they see, read, and feel.

Provide insightful and engaging content, while not missing out on Quality (goes a long way for branding).  

Most market leaders use Branding Guidelines to communicate consistently. It is like a delivery method that bridges the characteristics of brand personality to developing a human persona. 


Pro Tip:

Compliment your Brand Voice with perceptible visuals - the way a brand looks is just as important as it sounds!





3. It differentiates you from the competition


No matter what product you sell, competition is inescapable. The way you communicate (Visually and Verbally) makes all the difference! 

Being consistent with your brand voice helps build an alliance with your audience and sets you apart from your competitors. When your brand’s voice is assertive and genuine, it builds authority and expertise with your target audience. Stick onto a writing style to display authenticity and define your brand communication. 

Ensure that you communicate the same message, voice and tone across your marketing channels enable your customers to always know it’s the real deal!




4. It bumps up your conversion rates


Brand Voice is like a super magnet that attracts the right people to your brand - it’s much easier to convert them than people who aren’t interested in what you have to say. You get more qualified leads, hence having higher chances of conversions.

Include Inbound Marketing in your marketing plan and focus on your Social Media Strategy, utilize Video and email platforms to create a sense of urgency with long form content.

Make intentional content with hard-hitting Calls to action. Be extremely focused on reaching out and attracting your potential clients.

Your leads will only be as good as the content that pulls them in.


Examples of brand voice done right!


1. Starbucks

Starbucks uses a functional and expressive voice to create room for relevance, acquaintance and joy. Their communication is clear, concise and goal-oriented that tells a compelling and passionate coffee story while subtly pushing you to purchase.

2. Amul

The name every Indian knows, with clear, crisp and consistent language, yet with a subtle punch of humour on trending topics. Their communication strategy is to build expectations of the audience to find a particular type of content in a particular channel.

3. Swiggy

Swiggy picked an interactive model of communication with urban lingo that is clear, crisp and smart. Their way of communication also involves a sharp sense of humour that adds a human touch, personalization and courage to jump in and interact with the brand.


Questions to ask yourself to discover your Brand Voice

  1. Which 3 personality traits define him/her? (Treat your Brand as a Person)
  2. How would your brand speak if it were a person
  3. How would it handle a conversation in different scenarios


The Final Verdict 

Developing an effective branding strategy is the roadmap to success and finding the right tone of voice is the way to do it. Don’t forget that while consistency is the key, it is also important to be flexible. Be ready to adapt your brand voice as customer priorities and the market change. It is also important for brands to capitalise on top trends and jump on the bandwagon as early as possible to enhance virality. 

Time to voice your brand? Reach out to us at and we’ll help you get vocal for your audience!