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Back to basics the AIDA model

 AIDA is one of the best-known marketing models of all the classic marketing tools. It provides marketers (and non-marketers) the ability to identify how to make marketing communications more effective. The model has been depicted by an inverted pyramid to show the direction that an effective marketing strategy works. In other words, AIDA is a consumer-centric approach that includes creating awareness if a brand/product, its engagement and ultimately how a consumer takes an action. (purchase-related decisions).

So, what is the AIDA model? 

The AIDA model identifies the process an individual goes through during the purchase of a product or service.

The communication during this process is no longer bi-lateral, i.e. between the buyer and the company. The vastness of social media communication has extended it to achieve the different objectives of AIDA through multi-lateral conversations added by other customers via social networks and communities.

Let's go through the individual components of the model:

Awareness: Creates and improves Brand Awareness or an affinity with your product or service offering. Essentially a step toward getting your brand into an evoked set for a purchase decision.

Interest: Encourages consumer interest in the features and benefits of your product or service offering, and such that, the prospective buyer starts to research your brand/product/service offering further.

Desire: A want for your product or service offering through a connection on an 'emotional level'. This is more about the brand persona than it is about the value proposition. Make the consumer want it not just like it.

Action: Encourage buyer interaction with your company in order to take that next important step i.e. clicking a link, making that all-important phone call, joining your blog, or engaging with you on social media. This is also referred to as CTA

An additional "R" is added to highlight the importance of the ongoing relationship-building (Retention). This model is referred to as the AIDAR model.