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Why do small businesses need Online Advertising?

‘Nearly 75% of new businesses find Online Marketing more accessible and convenient than any other medium’

If you ever observed ad pop-ups every time you’re on Google, you’re already familiar with the concept of Online / Internet Advertising.

Can you think of a business that is not Google-able? I bet you can’t think of any. The Internet has become a part of our lives. Urbane technology has made it easier for businesses to get connected and engaged with their target audience on a more personal and convenient platform - Online Advertising.

What is Online Advertising?

If your business is not online, consider it non-existent

Online Advertising is a marketing strategy that involves the use of internet or digital platforms to target and deliver marketing messages to the right audience. It provides a wider scope for local businesses to expand their customer base and to build an appealing market presence through various digital media channels.

Online advertisements are ubiquitous, showing up in all internet, social media and mobile experiences. Whether you’re checking your email or simply surfing the internet, it’s practically impossible to avoid viewing advertisements. Local online advertising, therefore, creates an opportunity for businesses to understand their prospects’ needs and requirements while bonding with them.

Small Businesses & Online Advertising

From Handmade Soaps To Legal Services, There’s A Place For You On The Internet. Most Of These Businesses Go Unnoticed Because Of Poor Marketing Or Just Not Sufficient Marketing. Defying The Common Myth, A Well-Structured Marketing Plan Isn’t Always Budget-Heavy Or Tedious. Local Internet Marketing Enables Businesses To Obtain Real-Time Benefits With, Relatively, Very Little Investment.

Online Advertising Is The Most Efficient And Convenient Way To Take Your Business From Your Office To The World. One Of The Building Blocks Of Online Marketing Is Selecting The ‘Target Audience’, Hence, It Is Essential To Understand The Appeal Of Your Business. The Target Audience Should Be Selected Based On Your Brand, Product, Demographics, Competition, Psychographics And Other Environmental Factors.

So, What Are The Best Online Advertising Channels For Small Businesses?

The Internet Is As Vast As An Ocean. With Numerous Ways Of Advertising On The Internet, It Can Be Quite Complicated For Newcomers. If You’re Still Wondering Why Your Small Business Needs Online Advertising, Then You’re Probably Missing Out On Heaps Of Opportunities. 
The  USP  Is One Of The Most Important Aspects When Reaching Out To Any Target Audience.. Every Advertisement Needs To Focus On This USP To Draw Customers Towards Its Products/Services. For Example, If The USP Of A Food Delivery App Is That It Delivers All Food Items Within 30 Minutes, Then Its Ad Should Be Built Around That. Maggie’s Ramen Noodles Always Mention The ‘2-Minutes’ Cook Time As Their USP.

Free Online Ads for small businesses

Gone are those days when Small Businesses had to spend tons of money on advertising. Advertising has become much convenient for any size of businesses to work their magic within a small budget, or, no budget at all. Yes! You can reach out to your audience with a zero investment too! 

A multichannel approach, for instance, is the best possible way for social networking and advertising. Using multiple online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are great to keep your audience engaged while boosting your brand visibility. Other online portals such as India Mart, eBay, OLX, Classified Ads, UrbanPro and other Yellow Page listing platforms are some of the effective ways you can have an online presence.

Why does my business need Paid Advertisements?

You Might Have The Best Products On Planet Earth, But Still, Go Unnoticed For Poor Marketing Strategies. If You Have A Nominal Advertising Budget, Paid Ad Strategy Can Be Your Go-To! 

A Paid Advertising Strategy Targets Specific People So That Businesses Are Easily Found. Paid Ad Portals Like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC, Bing Ads, Google Display Ads Are The Most Preferred Platforms.

If You’re Still Having Trouble Deciding On The Best Online Advertising Medium To Promote Your Product (S) Or Service (S), Take A Look At These Online Advertising Channels That Work Wonders For Small Businesses.

1. Facebook

With Almost 2.7 Billion Active Users, Facebook Is The Biggest Social Networking Site Even In 2020.

With Constantly Changing Algorithms, It Is Quite Challenging To Generate Organic Traffic On Websites. A Paid Advertising Strategy Helps Overcome These Challenges. Paying For Ad Placements Creates An Opportunity That Potentially, Places You In Front Of Millions. Facebook Lets You Drive Your Promotional Campaigns Either Organically Or As Paid-Ads. This Is Usually Done As A Regular-Looking Post Or In A Trailer Format. Facebook Is Best Known For Its Market Segmentation And Targeted Audience. Its Display Ads Such As Carousels, Videos And Photos That Appear On The User’s News Feed Reaching The Right Audience.

While most use Facebook to stay connected with their family and friends, a majority use the platform to follow and interact with brands they love.

2. Instagram

Have you ever double-tapped a post only to realize it to be an ad because it took you to the business page? Then you already know how Instagram Ad campaigns work.

Instagram is a self-promoting platform. Using its promotion option is definitely a boon.
Second to Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media channel, identified for its intriguing content style. Instagram’s content is predominantly images and videos. So if your products are visually appealing, expect a great reach!
Businesses can leverage off the platform in the long run for their online reputation management. With new features like REEL, one can use short videos to engage with potential customers. The platform allows advertisers to share the business address and phone number to help users reach out to the business. Having good visuals is key to making a page attractive.

3. Twitter

94% Of Twitter Users Say That They Buy Products From The Brands They Follow.

Twitter Is The Go-To Place For Influencers And Brands. Twitter Ads Help You Reach Out To Millions Who Otherwise May Not Be Approachable.
Using Twitter Hashtags Ensures That Your Business Stays In Sight Of Your Followers. Easy To Set-Up Promoted Tweets Will Help Display Your Business To Potential Customers And Will Help Draw In A Crowd.

Two Out Of Three People Say That They Find New Businesses On Twitter.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat Has Been A Youth Magnet Since Its Inception In 2011. With The Onset Of Paid Ad Campaigns In 2014, A Wide Range Of Brands Preferred Snapchat Advertising To Explore New Opportunities.

Its Geofilters, Sponsored Lenses And Snap Ad Videos Are Some Of The Best Ways To Improve Brand Recognition And Brand Engagement.

5. Google Ads

When thinking about online advertising optimization, Google Ads is probably the first ad strategy that pops up in mind. Agree?
Limited budget? Get started with organic social media or SEO Ad strategy!
Still not convinced? Take a closer look at these compelling benefits.
Google-Ads is an excellent platform to create campaigns. It places your ads based on demography, geography, likes and preference and other criteria. It provides customized options to shape a unique campaign. Google-Ads takes some getting used to because it is feature-rich. However, it provides the best-in-market ad campaigns once you get a handle of it. To get the full benefits of Google ads, it is ideal to set a daily budget and track campaigns.

1. Broader exposure with a nominal budget

Nothing cheers up a business more than an ‘I am interested in your service’ call from your audience. Agree? More than 3.5 billion people surf Google every day. Wouldn’t it be an amazing opportunity to make your brand familiar to your target audience? With local internet advertising, you can broaden your horizon with an affordable marketing budget.

2. Drive significant ROI

Advertising digitally makes business promotion simpler and has become an on-going trend in the world of Marketing. The technology has made it convenient to track results and to rectify errors. Therefore, advertisers have made Web Marketing a go-to strategy to earn the big bucks. Launching an ad campaign through PPC, or on Facebook is much more cost-effective than most traditional marketing strategies like Billboards, TV Commercials, radio, etc. So, gear up to invest less and get better results!

3. Instant Feedback

Would you be interested in a conversation if you don’t hear from the other person? Definitely not. With inexpensive online advertising, small businesses can make direct and quick contact to understand the needs of their customers by striking up a conversation and addressing queries. Advertising online enables mass coverage. Therefore, expect continuous product enquiries from your target audience! 

4. Reach out to the right audience

Google is a trusted search engine for a reason. Isn’t it? If you ever googled ‘Best restaurants near me’ you know where I am getting at. Through targeted Online Marketing, Google connects its browsers with the best products. It provides your audience with the ability to search for whatever they want. This in turn allows businesses generate hot leads. Worry no more and trust Online Marketing!

5. Meet your prospects wherever they are

People research products before buying. So having just a smart website and a social media account is not enough to cut through the noise. Staying actively involved on your social handles is essential to listen and respond to your market. Online Marketing is the best option if you’re aiming to boost not just your visibility but also develop credibility and be the authority in your space. 

Some Tips:

• Get creative on your Social Media. Engage, inform and educate your audience about your product (s) / Service (s)
• Write to your audience when describing your business and not for just for Google
• Offer them a visual treat by impressive images and videos
• Always monitor and tweak your campaigns
• Constantly check on your competitors

How can CassiXcom help you?

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Our team makes sure that you are one step closer to your customers and one step ahead of your competitors. Because your success is our goal as well!

To sum up

Advertising online is all about creating opportunities for your business. If you want to be the front-runner in the game of Online Marketing, make sure you have an unbeatable marketing strategy along with best-in-market products. 

All-in-all, online advertising is the best way for small businesses to reach out to consumers near and far. It is an easy, seamless and the most sought-after method for consumers to find products and services today!

Need expert guidance? Talk to our Digital experts and get a customized plan for your business