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Reasons you need a paid marketing strategy for your business

Let’s say, you own a designer-clothing boutique. To know your audience, would you rather invest in an e-commerce website, then get your content and images optimized and then get conversions, or, simply invest in paid advertising and simplify the process?

We often see businesses that have been in the market for five years still struggling to stand out in the market. This is because the businesses lack digital presence, or, have poor-quality products or services, or, they lack the right marketing strategy.

If you’re unsure about Paid advertising, here are a few good reasons why you should:

• 63,000 searches get processed by Google each second

• 90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions,

• Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads (if you’re mathematically challenged like I am, that’s a 100% return on Investment!!)


Paid marketing is a boon to small businesses, striving hard for brand awareness in this rapid-paced digital era. Let’s dig in and know why choosing Paid Marketing can be the best investment you’ve ever made.


Relying upon organic advertising is like taking a long-route to succeed

What is Paid Marketing and Why do I need it?

Who said good things come for free?

Paid marketing, also known as digital advertising is an advertising model where advertisers directly target their audience(s), based on the audience's interests and intent.

Paid marketing is divided into two categories - Search Marketing Services and Social Media Services where both of them are unique in their format yet extremely helpful.

Although Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads are the most known and used categories, paid marketing is not limited to them.

Unlike organic marketing, paid marketing services to allow businesses to target, reach, interact, and convert their audience quickly and directly. It pushes your audience in the form of ads to take an action.

Paid Advertising enables businesses to drive sales and also focuses on driving specific actions. There is always a constant change in digital algorithms, making it difficult for businesses to predict success. The ultimate goal of these algorithm updates is to provide impeccable user experience(s), thereby encouraging businesses to adapt to it.  


Adopting Paid marketing is adding more power to your marketing strategy.

Check out our blog on the 5 best online advertising channels for business marketing to choose the right ad channel for your business.


Here are 5 powerful reasons why you should be using Paid Advertising in 2020.






1.     Amplifies your reach

Paid marketing enhances your brand’s visibility. Businesses using Free ad campaigns have been seeing a decline in their organic reach - especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Paid ads are guaranteed to reach larger prospect-pools, allowing you a direct window to generate more leads, web traffic, and sales.

To increase your reach, find out the channels where your audience spends most of their time online.

To make the most of your impressions, line up your marketing strategy with the behaviour patterns of your target audience.


2.     Fit any budget

Paid marketing is more cost-effective than you imagine. With a minimum ad budget, you can maximize your reach to promote your business. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the most preferred Online Paid marketing strategy. So you only pay when your prospect views your advertisement and takes the action you want.

Paid Ads refine your target audience to drive real-time results and get a great ROI. If you have a decent ad budget, paid marketing boosts your engagement more than any other platform.

If your product is great to look at, placing it on social media can drive better results at a lower end-cost. Make sure to start small and invest only where you see results.


3.    Boosts targeting

Most Paid marketing channels help businesses take complete control over who sees their ad. Each of these channels offers an array of targeting levers over the customer’s demographic and psychographics, such as their interests, hobbies, personality traits, and other factors.  

Social media platforms help you to re-target your social users who’ve visited your website. 

Make use of various targeting options to grab the attention of leads throughout your marketing funnel.



4.    Enhances brand awareness

All things said and done, the one thing that keeps businesses going forward is ‘results’.

Paid marketing enables businesses to gather insights and to constantly monitor ad performance. You may also look into KPIs like clicks, comments, and profile or web traffic, bounce rates, etc., to determine if your ad campaign is working!.




5.    Gather marketing insights

Paid marketing is the best, most cost-effective way to create brand exposure.

Employing a paid marketing strategy has greater chances of visibility. Your ads appear in the media channels where people will start to recognize you.

From recognition comes credibility, engagement and ultimately influences the purchasing behavior of your intended target audience.

For example, UberEats uses Instagram to introduce their service to their target audience at lunchtime. This appealing blend of motion, colour, and text captures the user’s emotion and preserves user attention throughout.





To sum up


People back off from paid advertising, not because of the cost but because they don’t know how to get results. But, paid advertising could be the biggest gift you can give to your business.

Both organic and paid marketing strategies complement each other. 

Depending on your business goals, set your ad budget, design a campaign that tells a story, and execute it on a platform of your choice.

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Are you ready to get a paid marketing strategy for your business? If the answer is yes, what’s been holding you back? Let us know in the comments box below!